Monthly Archives: February 2012

So most of you may have seen my posts on Facebook about being in Las Vegas. Well I was there for an awesome photographer’s conference called WPPI. It’s a conference/trade show for wedding photographers who want to listen to high profile photographers, learn some tips, buy some equipment, and (in all honesty) to party! Here are the things I accomplished during my week in Vegas:

1. Got to hang out and stay with my amazing photographer friend Erin Saldana (check out her work)

2. Heard Jasmine Star speak

3. Learned about a TON of awesome products at the Trade Show that I’ll be introducing soon to Scot Woodman Photography.

4. Met and networked with a bunch of AWESOME photographers

5. Went to my very 1st club (The Gallery) at the Planet Hollywood Casino.

6. Danced until I could physically dance no more with aforementioned photographers until 3am at the Airplane and Blazers Party

7. Explored “The Strip” and the crazy hotels

8. Rode the New York New York rollercoaster

9. Lost $40 gambling at the penny slots

10. Gained a mass amount of knowledge and tips to help my business and photography grow.

Needless to say, it was an amazing trip:)




It’s that time of year when we start seeing all the hues of red start appearing everywhere we look and the smell of roses starts filling the stores. Several weeks ago, I decided to do a Bridal shoot inspired by Valentines Day. We went out to Knights Ferry on a beautifully sunny day (rare for this time of year) and had a lovely shoot. My friend and talented makeup/Hair stylist Kristin helped me style the shoot and create some of the lovely props we used. A HUGE thank you to My Sweet Spot Bakery who provided the GORGEOUS wedding cake for our shoot. It was hard to not to take a bite of the amazing Red Velvet and Vanilla layered cake she created. Hopefully this shoot and color pallet we used can inspire you whether your wedding is in February or any other month of the year. Happy Valentines day everyone!