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Last weekend, my good buddies and me traveled up to Oregon for a lil vacation/bachelor trip for our good friend Matthew who’s getting married in a couple of weeks. It was a weekend full of camping, exploring the dunes, riding ATVs, driving, and lots of other adventures. It was an amazing trip and all the guys who came made the trip even better.

The whole gang after our ATV’ing adventure. Didn’t bring my camera on the dunes. Was too busy racing everyone and stalling out in the sand.

After ATV’ing we went back to Winchester Bay to eat lunch. Everyone recommended a fish and chips restaurant that was also a boat (cool right?)

Campfire on the Dunes! Probably one of the best memories from the trip

No campfire would be complete without toasting marshmallows and makin S’mores

The dunes are one of my places in the world. So beautiful and peaceful

After camping at Winchester Bay, we traveled up to Portland and explored the city.

Getting our early 90’s, grunge rock on in an awesome record store. Look at Matthew and Vincent. SO MUCH ANGST.

DELICIOUS Sushi restaurant everyone in Portland recommended. They were right. A-MAZ-ING

James is a dancing machine

Kevin is King of the World.

You can’t go to Portland and not go to Voodoo Doughnuts. I’m not going to lie, one of the reasons we decided to go to Portland was to go to Voodoo’s. These are not your average doughnuts. These doughnuts are like Dr. Seuss and a candy factory got together and made a baby. They had everything from a doughnut covered in Captain Crunch (called “Captain My Captain”) to a bright yellow doughnut covered in orange sprinkles and filled with Mango Jelly (called “The Mango Tango”) and then of course there’s the Maple bar that has a strip of bacon on top.

Yes Matthew is holding a doughnut covered in Coco Puffs (The Triple Chocolate Penetration) and another one covered in peanut butter and Oreos (The Dirty Bastard). David’s holding the “Captain My Captain”

I got the Miami Vice Berry! A bright blue blue raspberry powder covered doughnut with pink sprinkles :p

Stephen got “The Texas Challange”! Basically a giant glazed doughnut.

James and the “Mango Tango”

Rubi came to the Get Married Modesto Bridal Show in January and we got to chat for a few minutes. We set up a time to meet and a few weeks later we sat down and talked about her dream Engagement session. She lived down in L.A. until recently and there were so many spots she saw everyday that she wanted to take her Engagement photos at. She narrowed it down to her absolute favorite spots, we picked a date, and we both patiently waited till the date arrived. Me and my assistant Krystal drove down to good ol Los Angeles and met up with Rubi and Fernando at Union Station. As we shot around, we noticed at amazing room that was roped off. They use this room frequently for Movies and TV shows. We found a security guard and after telling him how cool he was if he let us go behind the ropes and take a couple shots (and the girls helped by batting their lashes)  he smiled and decided to let us shoot in there for a few minutes under his supervision. Afterwards, we hit up the famous Bradbury building and Los Angeles downtown Library. As we wrapped up and started driving back to Union Station , Fernando suddenly noticed that we were driving past the park where they filmed  “500 days of Summer”. He asked if we could shoot him and Rubi sitting on the famous bench and I, without hesitation said “Of Course! Let’s do it!”. And sure enough, there it was. Just like the movie. Fernando then went on to tell me that when he first started dating Rubi was also the time 500 Days of Summer came out in theater and that all his friends warned him Rubi was going to be his Summer because he was falling for her. But Fernando said, “Nope, she’s going to be my Autumn.” (If you haven’t seen the movie, that won’t make sense. If you have seen the movie, you’ve probably already let out an audibal “Awww!” by now) These 2 were absolutely hilarious and adorable the whole day and they are so happy together. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding next year:)

Now for some awesome  behind the scenes photo courtesy of Krystal!

Prisilla had me do her family’s photos last December and told me that she just had recently found out that they would be adding a new member to their Family. She told me she wanted to set up at Maternity session with her husband and sons for the early summer before the baby came. So this last Monday, we met up in Modesto and we did her maternity session on a lovely warm day in the park. I can’t wait to meet the newest lil member to the Stice Family when he gets here in July!

I met Danae and Valley this year when they came to me asking if I was able free in August to shoot their wedding. As we talked, I realized just how awesome they both are. They both love art, they love music (Valley plays guitar), and they both love vintage stuff. They told me that they really wanted to incorporate all these interests into their engagement session because those things brought them together and they have always done together. I, of course, was TOTALLY excited about all their ideas because I love it when couples bring in aspects of themselves into their engagement session. Plus they brought a TON of awesome props for us to use! Old cameras, books, vintage chairs, the list went on and on and I was in creativity heaven! Plus we shot at my favorite time to shoot, Golden Hour (1st Golden Hour shoot of the summer!!) It was an afternoon of beautiful light, smiles, laughs, and at the end, lots of splashing:)  Can’t wait to work with these 2 again at their wedding in August!


While I was on Hawaii, I had the privilege of taking my photog friend, Jennifer, family photos. I started to follow her and her work on twitter several years ago and this past February we finally met in person when I 2nd shot a wedding for her in Sacramento. Jennifer and her family has always loved Hawaii and last year they finally made the decision to pack up everything and move to Hawaii. She and her family moved from Roseville to Oahu last November and they have been having a blast experiencing the beauty of Oahu. When I worked with her in February, I told her that I would love to do a family portrait session with her and her family while I was on the island. She said “Of course!”. So we set up a time and we met up on a beautiful Wednesday evening at Ala Moana Beach and had ourselves a Family Portrait session with Jennifer, her husband Dave, and her 3 hilarious kids Marlena, Bella, and Jensen. Afterwards, we sat on the beach and had dinner and talked until it was dark. It was one of the highlights of my trip. Jen, Dave, and her kids are so awesome and I am so lucky to have met them.

If you want to follow their adventures on Oahu please visit Jennifer’s blog! She’s posted some very helpful blogs on what to do while on Oahu if you are heading over there and everything she recommended was AMAZING!

And last but not least, here are some images Jennifer snapped of me after I was done with their family portraits:)Awesome, right?