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I have been working with Krista and Adam fro the last 2 years. They have had me do pictures of them while they were dating, I took photos of them when Adam proposed to Krista, and I even took their engagement photos. This last June, the big day finally came. Krista and Adam were all smiles and they were absolutely in love and ready to say their ” I Do’s” to each other. Their wedding colors (light grey and yellow) defintely matched the mood of the entire day. Lot of smiles, tears of joy, laughs, and all around joy. I’m so happy I got to be there on their special day and photograph this awesome couple. Congrats you guys! So happy for you two.


Instead of a first reveal where Adam and Krista would see each other, we decided to blindfold them and let them say a few words to each other before the ceremonyWe also decided to a do a first reveal for Krista’s parents. As you can see, their reaction was priceless.

As some of you may know, when I 1st started doing photography, I was trying to break into the modeling industry. During this time, I got to work with some really cool people including Kristin Cipponeri. We have been working together on numerous projects for about 3 years, including a memorable shoot with some of the past contestants of America’s Next Top Model:)We both have moved on from that industry (not completely, sometimes we do something for fun) and we have moved into the wonderful wedding industry. Her creative hair and makeup work has made countless brides and bridal parties so incredibly happy and looking fabulous on their special day. She is the person to go to for your hair and makeup even if you dont go with me as your photographer too, but for all of you that have booked me (or will be booking me), Kristin is offering a really cool deal for all of my brides. She is offering a Wedding Hair & Makeup consultation were you can try out looks for your big day…FOR FREE. Yep, free.

Wanna see some of her work? Check out some before and after pictures below of some beautiful women!

And here are some the projects and real brides we both worked with.


I’m probably a little biased, but I really loved taking these photos of Jackie and Jeremy.  You see, Jeremy has been my roommate for the past year. I’ve known him since high school and since moving back from college last year, we started hanging out more and then eventually decided to get an apartment together. He met Jackie last year when they started teaching at the same school. But here’s where it gets even more interesting. So last summer during training, he kept coming home everyday talking about this girl named Jackie and saying how cool she was and how much he liked her. I was happy for him, but one day he came home with interesting news. Here’s how it went:

“So I think you know Jackie…”

“What?! REALLY? How?”


Wait…what’s her last name?”



You see, I grew up with Jackie and her family. Our moms had worked together in Fremont at the same school when they 1st started teaching and we were both always hanging out while growing up. Over the years, our families didn’t hang out as much and I hadn’t seen her in years. And here she is working with my roomate at the same school. Well soon after that, they started dating pretty seriously. They fell in love and a few months ago, Jeremy proposed to her in San Francisco after recreating their 1st date (which was also in San Francisco). I was thrilled when they said they could think of no one besides me to shoot their engagement photos as well as wedding this winter. Needless to say, they wanted to take their engagement photos in the place where so many of their memories has been created, good ol San Francisco. So last Sunday, we escaped the heat and drove on over to the Bay. It was a great day going to all different kinds of spots and shooting these two lovebords. Their love for each other really shined throughout the day. Here are our results. Hope you guys enjoy! Can’t wait to take their wedding photos in December!


I am absolutely SHOCKED it’s already July. I am in full blown wedding season right now. Shooting weddings is now part of my weekly routine. During the week, I have been feverishly working away at the mountain of editing that has been piling up since the beginning of June. But after a few late nights, I have been able to make a good dent in my workload and decided to share a really awesome wedding I did at the beginning of June.

I met Maria and Hoang in the winter of 2011. They asked me if I had ever done a Vietnamese wedding before. I told them I hadn’t but I was willing to do it. They both said they liked my work and that they wanted to book me.We shot their engagement session a few months ago and had a blast. Check it out HERE.

Fast forward to June 2012. It was a beautiful day in Stockton and Maria and Hoang were ready to get married! It was so awesome experiencing a different culture and seeing all the traditions and ceremonies they did. In the morning they had a traditional tea ceremony at Maria’s parents house in which Maria wore a beautiful Vietnamese dress and headress. Afterwards, she changed into her wedding ceremony dress and we went over to Mickie Grove park and took the bridal party shots. After that was the ceremony and then the reception was at a restaurant in Stockton. It was a beautiful day full of laughter, fun, joy, and most importantly love. Congrats Maria and Hoang!