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As an artist and not just a photographer, I sometimes get in a very creative mood. Sometimes I’m inspired slowly, the idea takes time to grow and I have to plan ahead in order for it to come out like it is in my head. Other times it’s almost instantaneous, like a spark, and all the ideas keep coming to me to the point I write them down to keep track of all of them. Sometimes the spark can be triggered by something I see, but this particular inspiration came from a song. I was driving (which I do a lot of) by myself and I was listening to Dusty Springfield’s “Son a Preacher Man”. All the sudden all of these random images of a late 60’s, early 70’s woman dancing in a sun bathed house with a martini glass in hand came to my mind. I instantly texted my good friend Tawny , who has an amazing collection of vintage clothes, and asked if she had free time soon because I had a concept in mind and I wanted to use her. She said of course and we started planning. About a week later we shot the images you’ll see below. Here are a few of the various songs and some images of Tawny’s mom (also my high school Art teacher who taught me SO MUCH) that inspired me and I listened to while editing. Hope you enjoy my lil idea.


Here are a few images of Tawny’s mom from the same era. Cool right?! They look like twins!


And here is our shoot

I took Vada and her family’s portraits back in December. Back then, she was a just a little thing, barely 6 months old. Now she is an energetic, lil toddler who’s already babbling, climbing, and smiling constantly! I had an absolute pleasure photographing her right before her 1st birthday as well as her brother Orland and her older Sister Presley. These 3 were an absolute riot and had me smiling the whole time, especially Orland who kept trying to make funny faces whenever he could and kept asking to take pictures of his sisters and of me. I can’t wait to work with these 3 later this year for their Christmas Photos. Enjoy!

After Vada’s turn, we added her Brother (Orland) and Sister (Presley).

How cute are these 3? I mean really.

Happy Birthday Vada! Hope you have a great day:)



I can’t believe it’s already August. To think that this wedding was almost 2 months ago is absolutely stunning to me. Anways, let’s think back to June 16th, 2012: It’s a toasty 108 degrees outside, I’m in Stockton arriving at the beautiful University Plaza Waterfront Hotel (which thankfully had the air conditioning BLASTING), and it’s┬áDestiny and Gilbert’s wedding day. The day had a lot of great moments: the moment ┬áduring the 1st reveal when Destiny got teary eyed when she heard her son say “Mommy you look like a princess!” as he ran up to her, when Destiny and Gilbert finally said their “I Do’s”, and the time during the reception where we got to sneak off and photograph the couple against the amazing sherbet pink sky. It was great day (despite the heat) and I wanna thank Destiny and Gilbert for letting me be a part of it. And a HUGE HUGE HUGE Thank you to Kamica and Sybil over at Heirloom Events for making the entire day go INCREDIBLY smooth, if you need a wedding or event planner, call these ladies! They will get the job done and then some!

A few months back I took pictures of the Stice Family and Prissila was carrying their latest addition to their family. Just a couple weeks ago, their new addition finally arrived! Baby Vander was born healthy and with a full head of hair! After everyone got home from the hospital and got settled, I came over and photographed baby Vander, his brothers, and his mom and dad. For being 2 weeks old, he was a total champ and barely fussed at all. I’m really grateful for The Stice Family opening up their home and allowing me to come photograph them. I look forward to taking more pictures of him in the future!

“What the heck man I’m trying to sleep!”

Vander’s Dad is a police officer and Prisilla wanted to incorporate his formal Police hat into the shoot.

The Stice family are also REALLY big baseball fans. Vander’s nursery is all decked out with Baseball stuff. I’m sure as soon as Vander is up and walking, he’ll be out playing Baseball with his brothers.