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I am currently feverishly working away on my computer trying to catch up on editing and then attempting to blog said photos. Slowly but surely, I am working my way through all the shoots and am finally caught up to late August (finally!)

In August, I had the pleasure of taking Hanibal and Rita’s engagement photos. We escaped the valley heat and headed over to Half Moon Bay for the day to do their session. The weather was perfect with the sun being out in the early afternoon and then towards the end of our shoot in the evening, having the fog roll in and make some outstanding lighting (as you’ll see below). I was really glad we got the to the beach and especially shoot on the pier because Hanibal actually proposed to Rita on a boat in the San Francisco Bay! I can’t wait to work with these two again on their wedding next year. I hope you like these photos as much I do, I was personally really happy how they turned out. Enjoy!

When I was little, we had a family reunion up in Yosemite and even at 4 years old, I remember how cool it was. I remember feeding the deer that came into our campsite and hiking various trails. I hadn’t been there in a long time until a few years ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Yosemite again for Mother’s day and we visited the world famous Ahwahnee Hotel. As I walked through the hotel, I remember thinking to myself, “Wow. I really would love to shoot a wedding here.” 3 years later, at sunrise, I found myself entering the parking lot of the Ahwahnee once again, ready to scout locations for Kerstin and Tyler’s wedding day.

That morning, me and lovely assistant, Nikki, arrive at the Ahwahnee and we start looking for spots where Kerstin and Tyler can do their 1st look. As we’re looking, we see a HUGE branch fall to the ground out the apple tree in the courtyard. I thought someone was climbing the apple tree, but not many guests were up yet, so we found it strange. We walked closer and then all the sudden one of the staff at the hotel tells us not to get too close BECAUSE THERE’S A BEAR IN THE TREE. A bear. A real live wild bear just chilling eating apples from the apple tree. I was so excited/scared that I got as close as I could and I snapped this pic. I was too scared to go any closer, I didn’t feel like being on the latest “I Survived” episode.


After our encounter with the wild, it was time to start photographing Kerstin and Tyler’s wedding. It was a gorgeous day full joy and love. I was so glad I got to be a part of such a special day with 2 awesome people.

Kerstin loves books and is a teacher and Tyler is a photographer and collects vintage cameras so they decided to incorporate both into their table centerpieces which I thought was really cool.

Ok so I pretty much thought this was the coolest idea ever. Since they had a morning wedding and most of their family and friends were staying the night, Tyler’s mom created a trail mix bar so people could make their own trail mix to eat when they hiked around Yosemite. Isn’t that cool?

Is this not one of the coolest cakes you ever seen? It smelled and tasted as amazing as it looked.

A HUGE Thank You to my amazing assistant for this wedding, Nikki. She did such an amazing job and she was so incredibly helpful the entire day. Thank you Nikki!


We are only about a week away from the official start of my favorite season of the year, Fall. I am have always loved Fall. The colors, the leaves, crisp cold mornings, Halloween, the and the amazing light. It’s this time of year that I get really inspired and my fashion/creative work starts to take on a darker tone. It’s always happened for as long as I can remember (I think it’s because of the physical transition of the season and the decay that occurs) As I was riding my bike down the Dry Creek Park bike path, I passed a huge area that had been burned by a fire earlier that summer. As I gazed at the the blackened earth and trees with the sun setting behind it, I felt a rush of inspiration come to me and I went home and contacted one of my lovely September 2012 brides (who also is amazing fashion designer) and told her I had an idea and I needed her help.

Her name is Antonia and she is an amazing fashion designer out of San Diego. Her line is called 1AM by Antonia Marguerite. Her dramatic designs are edgy, dark, and a lil hint of rock n roll all rolled into one. That’s what I like best about them. It wasn’t until after I had booked her that I discovered she was a designer and once I found out, I told her I would absolutely LOVE to shoot her designs. She was more than happy when I asked and sent me some of her new pieces for me to shoot. With a great team along with me, we shot several different days with several different models and other artists.

Our 1st shoot was our biggest team. We all crammed into my little living room one evening and we prepared for the shoot and here are the results of our shoot as well as the team who made it happen.

Hair: Leo Torres from “The Studio” in Tracy

Makeup: Katie C. Makeup Artist

Models: Kara and Chris

Assistants: Nicole and Kassy


Our 2nd shoot was a lot smaller production wise. It was with lovely model Nicole Blades (she did her own hair and makeup).

Our 3rd and final shoot was with the wonderful model (and one of my friends) Lynnae Foggiato. She did her own hair and makeup makeup.

Well hello everyone! I’m back! It has been a busy couple of months and I can’t wait to share you all the wonderful shoots I’ve been working on! But to kick off the blog spree is Ariel and Ryan.

I’ve known Ariel since she was in high school. I took her Senior Portraits and she also modeled for me several times when I 1st started photography. Even back then, she told me that when she got married, she wanted me to shoot her wedding. I was thrilled when she came to me with the news that she was getting married and wanted to book me. Ariel and Ryan got married on a gorgeous summer Sunday in July at the Wilbur House in Manteca. It’s a sweet little venue out off the 120 on the way to Oakdale. I loved how much Ariel and everyone involved smiled all day and was just absolutely glowing the whole day. It definitely made my job easier for sure! Here are the wonderful results of that beautiful day. Enjoy!