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You may have heard that the Scot Woodman Photography Fan Page has reached over 1,300 likes this past week! In honor of such a huge number, I have decided to do a contest for all you fans! So here’s how it works!

The contest will be all day this Sunday and it will be an Easter Egg Hunt! I will be hiding 3 golden eggs at 3 different locations in and around Modesto. You find an egg, you win a free Portrait session/Family Portrait Session!

Here are the rules:

I will be giving clues as to where you can find each egg all day via Facebook and Twitter…..

…BUT **(AND THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT)**  If you follow me on Instagram, you will get photo hints and you will have the upper hand! So if you have an Instagram or know of someone who has one, make sure you follow me so you can get some extra clues to find the eggs faster!

When and if you find the egg, YOU MUST TAKE A PHOTO OF YOURSELF HOLDING THE EGG AT THE LOCATION YOU FOUND IT! You can post it on Facebook, twitter, or Instagram, but you when you do, you must tag me so I know you found it.

I will start posting clues early Sunday all the way until the early evening before sunset. So follow the clues and may the best easter egg hunter win!



It’s hard to believe but 6 years ago, I bought my 1st SLR and started my photography journey. When I first started, I didn’t know all the people I know know and have the connections I have now. It was just me, my camera, and my ideas. A lot of the time I did hair and makeup or would be lucky enough to find someone I knew that would be willing to be my model for the day and could do their hair and makeup. One of these people was Lindsay Pearce. She contacted me on myspace saying that she had seen a few of my photos and that if I ever needed a subject to photograph, she would be more than willing to do so. I took advantage of the offer and I used Lindsay a lot over the next year. There were many late night shoots, last minute texts asking if she had the next few hours free so we could do a shoot, and lots of trial and error. I can honestly say, without all these shoots with Lindsay and all the other people that let me use them as my subjects for my weird and random ideas, I would not be where I am today. I learned so much in that 1st year and what I learned gave me to confidence to eventually start my own business and get to where I am today.

After that 1st year working with me, me and Lindsay started to kinda part ways.We both kept in contact through Facebook and texting but the days of weekly photoshoots came to an end. I started doing more weddings and began to process of working on my business while Lindsay started working on her acting/theater career. Lindsay ended up being part of a lil TV show called the Glee Project and eventually landed a told on Glee. She ended up leaving Modesto and pursuing her career in L.A. and has been nothing but successful since. It’s been a pleasure and an honor to see her follow her dream and succeed. There were many times in that 1st year when we were shooting together we would talk about our goals and aspirations. It’s been so awesome to see both of our goals become a reality. Lindsay recently visited Modesto and asked if I was free to catch up. I was and I said we could meet up under one condition, we do a small little portrait session, like old times. Without hesitation, she said “Yes!’ and we met up and did a little session at a local park. No fancy makeup, no stylist. Just me, my camera, and her just like our 1st shoot. It was insane how our old dynamic came back almost instantaneous as I started photographing her. We had so much fun catching up and shooting. Here are a few of my favorite images from our little reunion. Enjoy!


So many of you on Facebook and who follow me on instagram saw that I was in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. I was there with about 16,000 other photographers from all over the country (and the world) to listen to a ton of talented photographers speak at WPPI 2013. What is WPPI? It stands for Wedding & Portrait Photographers International  and it is an amazing conference where all us photographers learn new techniques, listen to amazing photographers share their knowledge and inspire us all, shop for new products, and of course party(I mean it is Vegas)!

This year I had the privilege of going to the conference with an amazing photographer named Nikki. She has 2nd shot for me several times and this was her 1st time experiencing WPPI. We went to classes together, talked about our goals for the year, talked about what inspired us from the classes, walked down the strip until our feet ached, danced the night away at the coolest party of the year: Airplane and Blazers, and even took photos of each other! Here are some photos as proof of our fun! Enjoy!

This picture pretty much sums up the end of the night. I was exhausted, but so happy