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A couple weeks ago, I headed over to Santa Cruz to do Jiaan and Amanda’s engagement session. When I met them they asked if we could start at one of their favorite coffee shops in Santa Cruz, Verve. Since I love to go to any specific locations that my couple’s like to frequent, I said sure thing! I was expecting a little cafe on main street, instead I was greeted of a beautiful coffee brewery and cafe with tons of hanging lights and wide open windows. Amanda asked me if this was going to work and I said “Um, yes. Yes it will.” So they got a cup of coffee and we had fun shooting inside. Afterwards, we drove up Highway 1 and stopped at a super cool secluded beach and shot for a while. Afterwards we went to another beach and tried an idea that Amanda and Jiaan had that involved paper lanterns. We soon discovered that idea wasn’t going to happen when one of the paper lanterns caught fire and decided it probably wasn’t a good idea to continue. But we didn’t let it stop us and continued on. Overall, the day was just about perfect as it could get and I have been eagerly waiting to share these images with you. Enjoy!


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I absolutely love Fall. I love everything about it. The weather transitions from hot to cool and crisp. The late day light turns a deep gold and dances among the tree branches. The tress start their slumber for the long winter months by changing from calming greens to bright red, orange, and yellow. They then shed their branches into a beautiful carpet of color all over the ground. The sun’s travel across the sky becomes shorter and sullen hues overtake the skies. That’s what Autmun is all about, transitions. My creativity goes through a similar transition this time of year too. My ideas go from bright colors and sun drenched images to morose and contrasted images. I wanted to capture this transition  of creativity into an actual shoot. So I got together with my friend and model, Lynnae and we did a whole shoot with this theme of transition in mind. I hope you enjoy!

IMG_6877IMG_7138IMG_7181IMG_7247IMG_7334IMG_7369 copyIMG_7433

Hey everyone! Since wedding season is over, I plan on catching you all up to speed on all the awesome sessions and wedding’s I’ve shot over the last couple of months. So stay tuned for many more photos up on the blog. I had the pleasure to work with Elin and Kevin last month. They are soon going to be parents to 2 baby boys. That’s right, twins! We did their lovely engagement session in their home city of San Francisco. They are expected to meet their two baby boys in early January and I can’t wait to meet them and take their very 1st portraits. Here are the results from the maternity session. Enjoy!

IMG_9348IMG_9424IMG_9503IMG_9655IMG_9659IMG_9709 copy 2IMG_9739IMG_9776IMG_9831IMG_9894IMG_9931IMG_0011IMG_9958 copy 2IMG_0110IMG_0171IMG_0206IMG_0213IMG_0227IMG_0291