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So a couple of months ago, I got to do something I had yet to yet: photograph twin newborns. I had taken their mom’s maternity portraits just a few months before and before I knew it, Adam and David had made their entrance into this world healthy and happy! As it was my 1st time I photographing twin newborns, I was a little nervous to see how it would be interacting with both of them as well as making sure they were both comfortable being right next to each other. I was quite pleasantly surprised to have both of them EXTREMELY calm and they didn’t get fussy once. In fact, once we swaddled them up together, they just closed their eyes and went right to sleep. It was was awesome expericene that I hope I get the opportunity to try again. All babies are special, but twins have such a unique bond with each other, it just amazes me. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

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So it’s been quite a while since I posted a blog, much less a blog of some the creative shoots and series I’ve been up to. So I decided to write a lil blog to show you one of my more recent and favorite creative shoots. This shoot actually wasn’t supposed to be a series at first. I took some portraits of the lovely Lluvy and me and the makeup artists were inspired by florals. As I was editing the images m brain started to conceptualizing and soon I had made the decision to get 3 other girls and do a whole beauty series inspired by the seasons. I wanted each girl to have a sense of royalty during each shoot so I made some crowns that each girl wore to represent their season. So here are the results of our sessions! Hope you enjoy!



Model: Lluvy Gomez

MUA and Hair Stylist: Antoinette Karlegan

IMG_4879 copy 2


Model: Kara Liu

MUA and Hair Stylist: Antoinette Karlegan

IMG_6946 copy 2


Mode: Ariella Briffa

MUA and Hair Stylist: Lynnae Foggiato

IMG_7264 copy 2


Model: Lynnae Foggiato

MUA and Hair Stylist: Lynnae Foggiato

IMG_5195 copy 2