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I love summer weddings for lots of reasons: the warm weather, the long summer nights, the beautiful golden light. But combine all of that with an couple who are madly in love, well then you pretty much have the perfect day. What I loved most about Josh and Alexis’ wedding day was how the entire was day was about the actual wedding, it was about them making a commitment to each other and the, taking another step in their relationship. They were just so excited to see each other and that made everyone around them excited. I was so happy they decided to do a 1st look because it was one of the best 1st looks, I’ve had the pleasure to photograph. It was special, intimate, and personal to both of them. After they saw each other they couldn’t stop smiling all day and neither could I. The other moment I loved that Josh and Alexis did was how after the ceremony, they spent about 15 minutes by themselves in a secluded room to just talk to each other, relax, and enjoy they’re 1st few moments as man and wife. They invited me in the room to photograph them during this private moment which I was extremely grateful for. Honestly, I think more bride and grooms should have a moment like this on the wedding day, since the wedding can be so hectic and it really allows you to focus on what this day is really about. There were many moments from this wedding that I loved and these are just a few of my favorites from day. Enjoy!

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I am always so honored when clients become regulars over here at Scot Woodman Photography. Not only do I get to build a friendship but I also get to see families grow and change. Over the past year, I got to photograph Jessica while she was pregnant with Avery, I got to photograph Avery when she was only a week old, again at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and now for her very 1st birthday! It’s been amazing seeing her not even able to hold up her own head to know crawling and standing up all on her own. Looking through all the photos from the past year have really made my heart smile and I hope these adorable photos make your heart smile too. Enjoy!


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