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I’ve had the pleasure of photographing quite a few Assyrian weddings over the last couple of years. I love photographing them because of the energy that surrounds the day. It is a day of pure joy and celebration. Every wedding that happens, the Assyrian community comes together to celebrate the union of not only the couple, but the joining of 2 families. Their joy and excitement is absolutely contagious and makes every moment of the day seem so special for not only the bride and groom, but for everyone at the wedding. I was so honored to photograph Michael and Mary’s wedding this past October. They are not only a STUNNING couple on the outside, but truly some of the sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this year. They allowed me so much time to photograph them throughout the day, so we really created some spectacular images. Enjoy just a few of the highlights from their special day!

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Last week, I had the AMAZING opportunity to photograph a baby delivery! I don’t get nervous before any of my shoots anymore, but having this be a new challenge, I was a little nervous about photographing such an intimate experience between new parents Jennifer and Spencer. On December 11th, I got the text from Jennifer informing me her water had broke. My 1st reaction was to drop everything I was doing and to rush to the hospital like they do in every sitcom and TV show. But I quickly learned that the birth process, especially a women’s 1st child, is a LONG process. So Jennifer continued to update me with texts throughout the night and I arrived next day in the early afternoon to begin photographing the process. Jennifer chose to have an all natural birth. She did not want to have any pain medications if possible and just let her body do the work. Jennifer also had an amazing Doula, Becky, who helped her through every step of the way. She kept an eye on vitals, helped Jennifer get up and moved around, and spoke encouraging words to Jennifer through the painful moments. It was honestly such an wonderful sight to see someone coach and help someone through such an emotionally and physically draining time. Becky really kept Jennifer focused on each step. Jennifer worked hard all day and into the night working through each contractions calm and collected with the help of Becky and her husband Spencer. As time passed, things weren’t moving along as planned. Ultimately, her midwife informed her that she thought Josiah was going to be a big boy and with Jennifer and Josiah’s well being in mind, they thought it would be best to do a C section. After some discussion between Jennifer, Spencer, and Becky, everyone decided that the C Section was the best option despite it not being part of the birth plan. I was unfortunately not allowed in the Operating room. I waited in the lobby and at 9:45pm I received the text from Spencer saying Baby Josiah was born! I waited until the nurse came out and I was allowed in the recovery room to capture Jennifer and Spencer finally meeting her son for the 1st time. The whole process was very long and I was exhausted (and I wasn’t even the one having a Baby!) but I learned A LOT. I honestly am excited to do this again in the future. Enjoy these special photos!

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Last month, I got asked by one of my 2014 brides, Jessica,  if I wanted to take photos of her and her best friends in their wedding dresses. They all got married this past year and wanted to put on their dresses one more time and take some photos together. While I had never gotten the request before, I was so excited at the idea that I said yes without any hesitation. So the girls laced up their dresses one last time and we drove out to Diablo Grande and took some photos during Golden Hour. The girls weren’t concerned about keeping their dresses clean and pristine anymore, so it allowed us all to have a lot of fun and do really whatever we wanted. Enjoy!