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With all this beautiful weather and the time change, I felt it totally appropriate to post this family portrait session I did for the James Family a little while back in Santa Cruz. Here in California, most of the state doesn’t really get to experience true winter weather. We are luckily enough to have sunny weather and beautiful golden light almost all year round. So when Katie asked me to come to Santa Cruz and take some portraits of her adorable family at the beach, I really had no choice. I love how the James family’s fun and carefree attitude was captured in these portraits. Enjoy!

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It’s 11pm February 19th, 2015, I’m getting ready to go to turn in for the night and I get a text from Geoff letting me know things are speeding up and it’s probably best I head to the hospital. I quickly change out of my pajamas into some sweatpants and a sweatshirt and head over to Memorial Hospital. It’s time for Baby Aria to enter this world!

This was the 1st live birth where I got to be in room and photograph and it was a truly life changing experience. Birth is such a fascinating process and being allowed to be in the room and document such a special moment in new parents Geoff and Hilary was an honor. Hilary was so relaxed the entire time. If she wasn’t laying in a hospital bed, I’d assume she was just sitting on her couch at home. Her and Geoff were smiling and talking about how excited they were to meet their baby girl. But birth is a waiting game, A LONG waiting game. We all did a lot of chatting, pacing, and even a little but of napping during the night. Around 5am the nurse came in, checked Hilary, and told us she was going to call the doctor because it was time! Hilary pushed for about 5o minutes, the doctor came in and Hilary did 4 big pushes and Baby Aria entered the world! It was such an emotional experience. I wasn’t sure if I would cry but when I caught Geoff crying after seeing his baby girl for the 1st time, all bets were off and I shed a few happy tears. I was so honored to be there for this special moment and so glad they’ll have these images to remember that special morning:)Enjoy!

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