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It’s now officially busy wedding season for me once again. So I figured I might as well blog the wedding that kicked off my 2015 wedding season. I’ve worked with Kristin A TON over the years. She has amazing hair and makeup skills and has done almost all the makeup and hair for my fashion projects. She honestly helped me a lot when I was first starting my portfolio. From that point on, we went from being work partners to friends which is super cool. I was happy for her when she introduced me to Caleb. As soon as I found out he liked Star Wars as much as I did, then he was a keeper. I was ecstatic when Kristin was engaged to Caleb and even more thrilled when she asked me to be her wedding photographer. Since we had talked for years about her wedding would look like, I had an idea of what her wedding day would consist of and that alone made me excited. The day couldn’t have been more perfect for Caleb and Kristin and all their family and friends. Every detail Kristin planned went smooth as could be and their entire day was just full of love, ease, and stunning details. I’m so honored that I got to capture their special day and be a part of such intimate moments. Enjoy!

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Hey fans!

Some of you might recognize Krystle. She is one of my second shooters and has helped at a lot of the weddings I’ve shot at for the last 2 years. She has such a cheerful and helping attitude when she works with me and that’s why I like having her around at weddings. I was so thrilled when she told me she was engaged last fall and I was even more thrilled when she asked me to be her wedding photographer for her wedding in 2016! Her and Rich are such a fun couple and said they wanted a really light hearted and romantic engagement session, so what better place to shoot but San Francisco. We spent the afternoon going around the city to some of their favorite spots and honestly just having a ton of fun. We also got some AMAZING macarons at Chantal Guillon, because macarons are Krystal’s favorite dessert and she wanted to use as “props”. In all honesty, it was just an excuse to eat cookies (any photo session where I get to eat cookies afterwards is a GOOD engagement session). Anyways, enjoy our results of that day while I go daydream about eating macarons.

IMG_4998IMG_5189IMG_5237IMG_5266IMG_5351IMG_5381IMG_5428IMG_5483IMG_5542IMG_5548IMG_5701IMG_5707IMG_5802IMG_5880IMG_5931IMG_6007IMG_6077IMG_6110IMG_6186IMG_6280 copyIMG_6289IMG_6307IMG_6346IMG_6419IMG_6433IMG_6461IMG_6607IMG_6667IMG_6747IMG_6782

Hey fans!

Lately I’ve had the opportunity to work with several designers on their lookbook collections. For those of you that might not know what a lookbook is, it’s an editorial shoot that features a designer’s latest collection that they’ve created. A lookbook shows the variation of the pieces in the collection, how they look on someone, and how each piece can styled for the customer’s reference. It’s a lot of fun to be involved in because you really get to be creative and come up with some cool stuff depending on what the designer wants for their collection. Sometimes the lookbook is more simple to really show off each piece, sometimes the designer really wants to tell a story for their collections so we do something more elaborate to create a world where the designer’s pieces live.

One of the lookbook’s I recently did was for Alyssa Nicole. She really wanted to create a story and wanted the lookbook to have a whimsical, dreamy quality. So we woke up early one morning and photographed her wearing her own collection in a dreamy backlit forrest. It was a lot of fun to experiment and create some cool effects to create a fantasy-like world for Alyssa Nicole.



IMG_2740IMG_2938IMG_3232IMG_3260IMG_3392IMG_3498IMG_3645IMG_3663IMG_3719IMG_3749IMG_4038IMG_4140IMG_4177IMG_4246IMG_4265IMG_4438The other lookbook collection I photographed was for Joy Dravecky Jewelry. Joy wanted her lookbook to focus more on each individual piece so her customers could see how each piece could be worn and styled. The photoshoot we did was more sweet and simple so the focus was more on the jewelry, so we styled the model in some stylish modern sportswear.