Monthly Archives: August 2015

Ever since I met Tawny way back when she came to my high school and talked to us about her art and her fashion line, I knew one thing. I had to become to friends with this amazing young woman. Fast forward to now, me and Tawny have collaborated on countless shoots for her line Armour Sans Anguish and we both have grown so much as artists and as friends. As soon as I was introduced to Peter, I knew that he was not only a perfect fit for Tawny in every way imaginable, but also an amazing person all around. They really are perfect for each other and balance each other out in a way I rarely see now and it’s just magical to witness them together. So it was no surprise when Tawny called me one day to tell me Peter had proposed and they were finally engaged. I was so over the moon happy for them and was even more ecstatic when she asked me to take their engagement photos. This is how the actual conversation went

Tawny: So… me and Peter are engaged!

Me: Oh my god! YAY!! Congratulations! I’m so happy!!

Tawny: Thank you! And we would love for you to be our photographer for the wedding and to do our engagement photos. Would you please be our photographer?

Me: UM YES! Oh my god, I feel like I just got proposed to!

Which was followed by about 30 seconds of just straight laughter from the both of us.

Peter and Tawny decided that Palm Springs would be the best place for their engagement photos since they both love nature and the desert. I was more than happy to go out there since I had heard about the magical city in the desert known as Palm Springs and had been DYING to go out there for years. It did not disappoint. Everywhere I looked was a photoshoot waiting to happen. These two were beyond naturals in front of the camera because their love is truly cosmic and it was an honor to be around them and photograph their boundless love. You can see all the magic we created below. Enjoy!

IMG_5847IMG_5864IMG_5917IMG_5934IMG_6008IMG_6049IMG_6054IMG_6119IMG_6185IMG_6199IMG_6206IMG_6266IMG_6297IMG_6327IMG_6349IMG_6385IMG_6391IMG_6479IMG_6425IMG_6503IMG_6554IMG_6593IMG_6612IMG_6695IMG_6751IMG_6827IMG_6831IMG_6866IMG_6872IMG_6876IMG_6890IMG_6920IMG_6960IMG_7065IMG_7102 copyIMG_7182IMG_7208 copyIMG_7224IMG_7266IMG_7298IMG_7333IMG_7372IMG_7418IMG_7437IMG_7493IMG_7560IMG_7592IMG_7615IMG_7670IMG_7684IMG_7690IMG_7693IMG_7708IMG_7735IMG_7860IMG_7910IMG_8004IMG_8022IMG_8028