Monthly Archives: December 2015

With it being slow season for me once again, I finally have time to do some creative projects. These projects are shoots that I think about all the time and put on the back burner until I have the time to do them. In my off season, when I want a break from editing all the sessions and weddings I have, I usually plan one of these shoots to break up my repetitive routine to keep me inspired. I usually have a general idea in mind and then during the shoot, let the creative process take hold. I push myself to experiment with new stuff instead of falling into what I know is safe for myself.

Vinny and I connected about a year ago when he first moved to LA and we’ve followed each other on instagram. His Instagram Feed is INSANELY good. His aesthetics are the perfect mixture of moody lighting, futurism, architecture, minimal fashion, and dance. He also has a YOUTUBE channel where he posts all his dance videos. They are INSANELY good, but make sure you’re comfortable because you can’t watch just one. Here’s some of my personal favorites.

Since he has a similar aesthetic to myself (or at least what I want my aesthetic to be/look like) I knew our collaboration would be SUPER fun and produce some magic. We explored downtown LA and found the most AMAZING location and got right down to work. These are out results. Enjoy!


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Hey everyone! It’s been a minute since I’ve blogged hasn’t it? This year was so incredibly busy with many adventures and amazing clients. Now that my busy season is over, I’m going to start blogging some of my favorite sessions and weddings from 2015. I’m kicking off my blog update with Matt and Maria’s mountain engagement session. Matt and Maria are one of my 2016 couples and we traveled up to the camp where they’ll be getting married next year and took their engagement photos. Since it’s off season for the camp, we had the entire place to ourselves and we got to explore all the trails. While taking their photos, we were treated to a special surprise. What looks like little orbs in some of the photos are actually thousands of ladybugs flying around! We were all in awe at the sheer amount of ladybugs we saw all over the forest trails (and on us). It’s said that ladybugs bring good luck, so it’s that’s true, then Matt and Maria have all the luck they could ever want. These are the results of our session. Enjoy!

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