Monthly Archives: March 2016

I met Bianca during a fashion show in Modesto in 2014. She makes beautiful swimwear/dancewear and I collaborated with her during the fashion show by adding my flower crowns with her deisgns. Afterwards, we talked a lot and she became a regular customer of my flower crowns. One day in October 2015, she called me and told me she and Max were going to go down to City Hall in San Diego to elope. They wanted me to come down and photograph the special day for them and I was more than honored to do so! So a couple days later, I hoped on a early flight and met Bianca, Max, and Bianca’s family at City Hall in downtown San Diego and photographed them officially becoming husband and wife! It should be known, Bianca made her dress from scratch the night before the wedding (yes you read that right). It was an quick and intimate ceremony and they were so happy to finally tie the knot. After the ceremony, everyone traveled over to Balboa Park to have a picnic reception. They spread out a blanket on the grass, unpacked a plethora of goodies, and cheered to their new marriage. There was tears of joy, guitar playing, well wishes, and laughter throughout the afternoon. Their joy was contagious and so many people passing by commented on how beauitful Bianca and Max looked and how happy they were for them. I was so honored to be there for Max and Bianca on such a special day and I hope you enjoy these images as much as I has documenting such a special day for a couple that’s beautiful inside and out. Enjoy!IMG_6764IMG_6787IMG_6765IMG_6760IMG_6802IMG_6816IMG_6836IMG_6856IMG_6860IMG_6876IMG_6904IMG_6905IMG_6945IMG_6963IMG_6965IMG_7059IMG_7098IMG_7142IMG_7176IMG_7238IMG_7242IMG_7258IMG_7299IMG_7320IMG_7384IMG_7402IMG_7475IMG_7484IMG_7503IMG_7528IMG_7536IMG_7555IMG_7575IMG_7578IMG_7591IMG_7599IMG_7634IMG_7667IMG_7690IMG_7701IMG_7740IMG_7814IMG_7821IMG_7846IMG_7850IMG_7862IMG_7877IMG_7912IMG_7951IMG_7968IMG_8023IMG_8059IMG_8127IMG_8207IMG_8361IMG_8405IMG_8507IMG_8603IMG_8686 copy 2