Monthly Archives: April 2016

It has been baby central over here at Scot Woodman Photography! I’ve been working with a lot of new mommies to be and I figured I’d blog my latest maternity session. Danelle and Daniel are 1st time parents and will be meeting their son in just a few weeks, so they decided to take some pics together (and with their adorable beagle Roo) before their bundle of joy arrives. It was nice to photograph them in their own home before going out and taking pics outside. It was a very candid and intimate session and I was so happy to be capture such an exciting time in their lives.IMG_0015IMG_0081IMG_0043IMG_0091IMG_0112IMG_0133IMG_0070IMG_0205IMG_0247IMG_0269IMG_0293IMG_0320IMG_0345IMG_0351IMG_0353IMG_0381IMG_0456IMG_0502IMG_0540IMG_0591IMG_0635IMG_0546IMG_0642IMG_0713IMG_0743IMG_0804IMG_0895IMG_0919