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Some of you may or may not know, but I LOVE the desert. I love the landscape, the weather, the eerie silence, everything. So naturally I also love Palm Springs. I get the beauty of the desert, but the comfort of air conditioning. So when I met with Julianna, we were trying to figure out where to do her engagement session and she said ” I want somewhere really different. Something opposite of the valley.”, I knew right where to do it. So one beautiful weekend in March, we drove down to the land of windmills, sand, and resorts and did an amazing engagement session. Julianna and Allen decided to stay at the GORGEOUS Ace Hotel. So we after braving the windy desert, we got to go and shoot around the grounds at the Ace. It should also be noted that it started POURING half way through our session. Luckily, we were back at the Ace and not out in the middle of the desert, so we were able to make it work. I love having unexpected things like that happen though, it makes get out of my comfort zone and makes the session more memorable. I’m so lucky to have clients that love me and trust me enough to shoot in the pouring rain. I hope you enjoy the results! Enjoy!IMG_6152IMG_6183IMG_6262IMG_6407IMG_6300IMG_6456 copyIMG_6664IMG_6523IMG_6803IMG_6838IMG_6922IMG_6994IMG_7014IMG_7154IMG_7210IMG_7350IMG_7386IMG_7469IMG_7534IMG_7552IMG_7572 2IMG_7614IMG_7672IMG_7702IMG_7746IMG_7758

With it being Mother’s Day weekend, I figured it was appropriate to blog the latest delivery I got to photograph. Danelle and Daniel are 1st time parents and I got to photograph them just a few weeks ago during Danelle’s maternity session. Before I knew it, 3 weeks had passed and I officially on baby alert. At 2am on April 25th, I got the text from Daniel letting me know that Danelle’s water had broke and they were on their way the hospital. So I headed over at about 8am and started documenting the labor process. Danelle was VERY calm throughout her labor. Danelle’s mom and her mother-in-law were BEYOND encouraging, cheering Danelle along the whole way and giving her words of comfort. It’s always so special to see mom’s supporting their daughter during baby deliveries. There’s an unspoken bond that only moms can understand when they see another woman giving birth. They know every feeling, every emotion, the intensity, and the excitement. It’s a full circle moment when a mom gets to see her own daughter give birth to a child all their own. Being in the room and capturing these moments is probably one of favorite things I get to photograph.¬†Danelle conquered her delivery like a true champion and before we knew it,¬† Baby Cooper was born! Happy, healthy, and with a head FULL of hair! Everyone was just so excited for the moment that they all had been waiting 9 months for. Every time I do a delivery I end up crying at some point because the pure joy, excitement, and love in room is just so contagious, you can’t help but catch it and get caught up in such a special moment with everyone else. I’m so happy I got to be there and capture for special time in this new family’s life and I can’t wait to photograph Cooper’s newborn portraits. Enjoy!IMG_5168IMG_5138IMG_5145IMG_5163IMG_5172IMG_5132IMG_5274IMG_5291IMG_5351IMG_5293IMG_5399IMG_5411IMG_5430IMG_5386IMG_5444IMG_5491IMG_5505IMG_5512IMG_5534IMG_5536IMG_5554IMG_5570IMG_5588IMG_5592IMG_5600IMG_5631IMG_5609IMG_5660IMG_5740IMG_5668IMG_5701IMG_5704IMG_5717IMG_5714IMG_5721IMG_5781IMG_5795IMG_5800IMG_5831IMG_5865IMG_5869 2IMG_5932IMG_5946 copyIMG_5977IMG_5989IMG_5995IMG_6064IMG_6069IMG_6107IMG_6110IMG_6112IMG_6115IMG_6119IMG_6122