Monthly Archives: June 2016

I’ve known James pretty much my entire life. I grew up with his family and his brothers are my best friends. I’ve seen him grow up from the “annoying little brother” to someone I now call one of my good friends. When I first met Paige, she was SO incredibly nice to everyone she met and it seemed like she had always been friends with you. It just seemed so natural for James and her to be together too. They love being goofy, love to laugh at all times, and compliment each other in every way. I was so thrilled to hear of that they recently got engaged and I was even more excited when James got a hold of me and said “Paige pretty much wants no one but you to photograph our wedding, so I hope you’re free.” (I love hearing stuff like that). Luckily I was still free for their date and then we started figuring out where to do their engagement session. James suggested Santa Cruz since our families had grown up going to camp in the Santa Cruz mountains every summer and him and Paige love the forest and to go hiking (James proposed to Paige while on a hike in Big Sur). I, of course, said yes since I love the mountains plus I knew we could go down to the beach afterwards (one of the really cool aspects of Santa Cruz). So the pictures below are the results from our day trip to Santa Cruz. Enjoy!IMG_0577IMG_0628IMG_0726IMG_0570IMG_1040IMG_0858IMG_1024IMG_0878IMG_0943IMG_1064IMG_1403IMG_1107IMG_1342IMG_1477IMG_1523IMG_1531IMG_1576IMG_1655IMG_1697IMG_1741IMG_1759IMG_1777IMG_1811IMG_1829IMG_1980IMG_1913IMG_1888IMG_1947IMG_2009