Monthly Archives: March 2017

Hey everyone! I’ve been meaning to blog this wedding for a while. David and Elinor are such a sweet couple. They’re love story was so unique and they were so excited to finally tie the knot. The phrase “neither rain or shine” quickly became the literal theme for the day when a giant storm started to roll in. But it didn’t matter to them. They were just so excited to get married and start their new journey together. Despite some last minute chaos that happens when you have all outdoor and a huge storm rolls in, they made a few quick minute adjustments and the day went on as planned. Their attitudes were so humbling to witness. Their excitement and joy were not dimmed by the circumstances. They were just so happy to finally take this step together with all their friends and family around them. Then after the ceremony was over and people started gathering down at the barn for the reception, the most STUNNING and VIBRANT autumn sky appeared. I quickly ran over to Elinor and David and told them they had to come with me. We all piled in my car and quickly drove up to the ridgeline that they originally were going to have their ceremony and got to take some amazing portraits. I truly believe it was a reward from above for their amazing attitude despite the circumstances. It was just a humbling experience and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it and capture such important moments for these two. The results of the day are below. Enjoy!