Billy and Jessica’s Lakeside Wedding

I’m always excited for all my weddings, but after booking Billy and Jessica as my clients  for this summer and hearing about all the details about their wedding, I couldn’t help but eagerly await the day of their summer wedding! Every month or so I heard about all the DYI projects they were feverishly working on and Jessica even got me involved by having me create a custom flower crown for her to wear at her reception! Soon the big day was here and all of us gathered up in the woods up at Bass Lake on a hot summer day in August to celebrate the Billy and Jessica becoming husband and wife. Everything from their  adorable 1st look, their hilarious wedding party, and their mad dancing skills, this wedding felt like a giant party (which I’m all about). I hope the following images give you a glimpse at all the laughs and joy that was shared on their fun filled day. Enjoy!

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