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Hey all!

It’s been a moment since I blogged so I figured I’d blog an engagement session I did a few weeks ago in San Diego. The weather was almost as beautiful and the couple, Stephen and Lexie. They’re wedding is in December and will be in Northern California where they both grew up. But they wanted to do their engagement session where they both live currently, San Diego. So I drove on down there and shot them in one of my favorite San Diego spots, Balboa Park. After an incredible session there, we headed down to the beach for some gold ol golden hour shots. It was a really awesome day and I can’t wait for their wedding in December. But until then, enjoy the results from their e-session. Enjoy!




I’ve known James pretty much my entire life. I grew up with his family and his brothers are my best friends. I’ve seen him grow up from the “annoying little brother” to someone I now call one of my good friends. When I first met Paige, she was SO incredibly nice to everyone she met and it seemed like she had always been friends with you. It just seemed so natural for James and her to be together too. They love being goofy, love to laugh at all times, and compliment each other in every way. I was so thrilled to hear of that they recently got engaged and I was even more excited when James got a hold of me and said “Paige pretty much wants no one but you to photograph our wedding, so I hope you’re free.” (I love hearing stuff like that). Luckily I was still free for their date and then we started figuring out where to do their engagement session. James suggested Santa Cruz since our families had grown up going to camp in the Santa Cruz mountains every summer and him and Paige love the forest and to go hiking (James proposed to Paige while on a hike in Big Sur). I, of course, said yes since I love the mountains plus I knew we could go down to the beach afterwards (one of the really cool aspects of Santa Cruz). So the pictures below are the results from our day trip to Santa Cruz. Enjoy!IMG_0577IMG_0628IMG_0726IMG_0570IMG_1040IMG_0858IMG_1024IMG_0878IMG_0943IMG_1064IMG_1403IMG_1107IMG_1342IMG_1477IMG_1523IMG_1531IMG_1576IMG_1655IMG_1697IMG_1741IMG_1759IMG_1777IMG_1811IMG_1829IMG_1980IMG_1913IMG_1888IMG_1947IMG_2009

Some of you may or may not know, but I LOVE the desert. I love the landscape, the weather, the eerie silence, everything. So naturally I also love Palm Springs. I get the beauty of the desert, but the comfort of air conditioning. So when I met with Julianna, we were trying to figure out where to do her engagement session and she said ” I want somewhere really different. Something opposite of the valley.”, I knew right where to do it. So one beautiful weekend in March, we drove down to the land of windmills, sand, and resorts and did an amazing engagement session. Julianna and Allen decided to stay at the GORGEOUS Ace Hotel. So we after braving the windy desert, we got to go and shoot around the grounds at the Ace. It should also be noted that it started POURING half way through our session. Luckily, we were back at the Ace and not out in the middle of the desert, so we were able to make it work. I love having unexpected things like that happen though, it makes get out of my comfort zone and makes the session more memorable. I’m so lucky to have clients that love me and trust me enough to shoot in the pouring rain. I hope you enjoy the results! Enjoy!IMG_6152IMG_6183IMG_6262IMG_6407IMG_6300IMG_6456 copyIMG_6664IMG_6523IMG_6803IMG_6838IMG_6922IMG_6994IMG_7014IMG_7154IMG_7210IMG_7350IMG_7386IMG_7469IMG_7534IMG_7552IMG_7572 2IMG_7614IMG_7672IMG_7702IMG_7746IMG_7758

Hey everyone! It’s been a minute since I’ve blogged hasn’t it? This year was so incredibly busy with many adventures and amazing clients. Now that my busy season is over, I’m going to start blogging some of my favorite sessions and weddings from 2015. I’m kicking off my blog update with Matt and Maria’s mountain engagement session. Matt and Maria are one of my 2016 couples and we traveled up to the camp where they’ll be getting married next year and took their engagement photos. Since it’s off season for the camp, we had the entire place to ourselves and we got to explore all the trails. While taking their photos, we were treated to a special surprise. What looks like little orbs in some of the photos are actually thousands of ladybugs flying around! We were all in awe at the sheer amount of ladybugs we saw all over the forest trails (and on us). It’s said that ladybugs bring good luck, so it’s that’s true, then Matt and Maria have all the luck they could ever want. These are the results of our session. Enjoy!

IMG_5688IMG_5605 copyIMG_5671IMG_5703IMG_5719 copyIMG_5833IMG_5876IMG_5957 copyIMG_6056 copyIMG_6095IMG_6159IMG_6243IMG_6326IMG_6371IMG_6437IMG_6457IMG_6499IMG_6526IMG_6564IMG_6611IMG_6635IMG_6695IMG_6719IMG_6730IMG_6779IMG_6812IMG_6899IMG_6957IMG_6998IMG_7049


Ever since I met Tawny way back when she came to my high school and talked to us about her art and her fashion line, I knew one thing. I had to become to friends with this amazing young woman. Fast forward to now, me and Tawny have collaborated on countless shoots for her line Armour Sans Anguish and we both have grown so much as artists and as friends. As soon as I was introduced to Peter, I knew that he was not only a perfect fit for Tawny in every way imaginable, but also an amazing person all around. They really are perfect for each other and balance each other out in a way I rarely see now and it’s just magical to witness them together. So it was no surprise when Tawny called me one day to tell me Peter had proposed and they were finally engaged. I was so over the moon happy for them and was even more ecstatic when she asked me to take their engagement photos. This is how the actual conversation went

Tawny: So… me and Peter are engaged!

Me: Oh my god! YAY!! Congratulations! I’m so happy!!

Tawny: Thank you! And we would love for you to be our photographer for the wedding and to do our engagement photos. Would you please be our photographer?

Me: UM YES! Oh my god, I feel like I just got proposed to!

Which was followed by about 30 seconds of just straight laughter from the both of us.

Peter and Tawny decided that Palm Springs would be the best place for their engagement photos since they both love nature and the desert. I was more than happy to go out there since I had heard about the magical city in the desert known as Palm Springs and had been DYING to go out there for years. It did not disappoint. Everywhere I looked was a photoshoot waiting to happen. These two were beyond naturals in front of the camera because their love is truly cosmic and it was an honor to be around them and photograph their boundless love. You can see all the magic we created below. Enjoy!

IMG_5847IMG_5864IMG_5917IMG_5934IMG_6008IMG_6049IMG_6054IMG_6119IMG_6185IMG_6199IMG_6206IMG_6266IMG_6297IMG_6327IMG_6349IMG_6385IMG_6391IMG_6479IMG_6425IMG_6503IMG_6554IMG_6593IMG_6612IMG_6695IMG_6751IMG_6827IMG_6831IMG_6866IMG_6872IMG_6876IMG_6890IMG_6920IMG_6960IMG_7065IMG_7102 copyIMG_7182IMG_7208 copyIMG_7224IMG_7266IMG_7298IMG_7333IMG_7372IMG_7418IMG_7437IMG_7493IMG_7560IMG_7592IMG_7615IMG_7670IMG_7684IMG_7690IMG_7693IMG_7708IMG_7735IMG_7860IMG_7910IMG_8004IMG_8022IMG_8028