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As many of you who follow me in Instagram know, I recently went to Oahu to photograph a wedding. I got there a couple days before the wedding to relax and enjoy paradise. I decided to reach out to some models on the island and see if they wanted to shoot. I got in contact with Nieshia and we hit off right away and started coming up with some ideas. We both decided we wanted to do our shoot in the rainforest since I had only been once before 3 years ago and she had never been. So we hiked (and I really do mean HIKED) through the steamy, muddy, mosquito filled rainforest to the stunning Monoa Falls. It was worth every drop of sweat and mosquito bite. We ended up getting some OUTSTANDING images at the falls and we even had a little audience of other hikers as we shot. Afterwards, we hiked back to our car and quickly drove to a beach to get some shots right as the sun was setting. Our timing was perfect and we managed to get the beach we had all ourselves. Here are the results of our shoot. Enjoy!0G8A92770G8A92890G8A93410G8A94280G8A93880G8A95580G8A96050G8A96740G8A97390G8A97880G8A99340G8A99770G8A01540G8A02080G8A04670G8A03170G8A03150G8A03440G8A0526


With it being slow season for me once again, I finally have time to do some creative projects. These projects are shoots that I think about all the time and put on the back burner until I have the time to do them. In my off season, when I want a break from editing all the sessions and weddings I have, I usually plan one of these shoots to break up my repetitive routine to keep me inspired. I usually have a general idea in mind and then during the shoot, let the creative process take hold. I push myself to experiment with new stuff instead of falling into what I know is safe for myself.

Vinny and I connected about a year ago when he first moved to LA and we’ve followed each other on instagram. His Instagram Feed is INSANELY good. His aesthetics are the perfect mixture of moody lighting, futurism, architecture, minimal fashion, and dance. He also has a YOUTUBE channel where he posts all his dance videos. They are INSANELY good, but make sure you’re comfortable because you can’t watch just one. Here’s some of my personal favorites.

Since he has a similar aesthetic to myself (or at least what I want my aesthetic to be/look like) I knew our collaboration would be SUPER fun and produce some magic. We explored downtown LA and found the most AMAZING location and got right down to work. These are out results. Enjoy!


IMG_0223 copyIMG_0235IMG_0248 copyIMG_0308IMG_0327IMG_0344IMG_0254IMG_0471IMG_0489IMG_0516IMG_0696IMG_0530IMG_0583IMG_0542IMG_0716IMG_0745IMG_0876 copyIMG_0795IMG_0806IMG_0864 copy

Hey fans!

Lately I’ve had the opportunity to work with several designers on their lookbook collections. For those of you that might not know what a lookbook is, it’s an editorial shoot that features a designer’s latest collection that they’ve created. A lookbook shows the variation of the pieces in the collection, how they look on someone, and how each piece can styled for the customer’s reference. It’s a lot of fun to be involved in because you really get to be creative and come up with some cool stuff depending on what the designer wants for their collection. Sometimes the lookbook is more simple to really show off each piece, sometimes the designer really wants to tell a story for their collections so we do something more elaborate to create a world where the designer’s pieces live.

One of the lookbook’s I recently did was for Alyssa Nicole. She really wanted to create a story and wanted the lookbook to have a whimsical, dreamy quality. So we woke up early one morning and photographed her wearing her own collection in a dreamy backlit forrest. It was a lot of fun to experiment and create some cool effects to create a fantasy-like world for Alyssa Nicole.



IMG_2740IMG_2938IMG_3232IMG_3260IMG_3392IMG_3498IMG_3645IMG_3663IMG_3719IMG_3749IMG_4038IMG_4140IMG_4177IMG_4246IMG_4265IMG_4438The other lookbook collection I photographed was for Joy Dravecky Jewelry. Joy wanted her lookbook to focus more on each individual piece so her customers could see how each piece could be worn and styled. The photoshoot we did was more sweet and simple so the focus was more on the jewelry, so we styled the model in some stylish modern sportswear.



So it’s been quite a while since I posted a blog, much less a blog of some the creative shoots and series I’ve been up to. So I decided to write a lil blog to show you one of my more recent and favorite creative shoots. This shoot actually wasn’t supposed to be a series at first. I took some portraits of the lovely Lluvy and me and the makeup artists were inspired by florals. As I was editing the images m brain started to conceptualizing and soon I had made the decision to get 3 other girls and do a whole beauty series inspired by the seasons. I wanted each girl to have a sense of royalty during each shoot so I made some crowns that each girl wore to represent their season. So here are the results of our sessions! Hope you enjoy!



Model: Lluvy Gomez

MUA and Hair Stylist: Antoinette Karlegan

IMG_4879 copy 2


Model: Kara Liu

MUA and Hair Stylist: Antoinette Karlegan

IMG_6946 copy 2


Mode: Ariella Briffa

MUA and Hair Stylist: Lynnae Foggiato

IMG_7264 copy 2


Model: Lynnae Foggiato

MUA and Hair Stylist: Lynnae Foggiato

IMG_5195 copy 2

I absolutely love Fall. I love everything about it. The weather transitions from hot to cool and crisp. The late day light turns a deep gold and dances among the tree branches. The tress start their slumber for the long winter months by changing from calming greens to bright red, orange, and yellow. They then shed their branches into a beautiful carpet of color all over the ground. The sun’s travel across the sky becomes shorter and sullen hues overtake the skies. That’s what Autmun is all about, transitions. My creativity goes through a similar transition this time of year too. My ideas go from bright colors and sun drenched images to morose and contrasted images. I wanted to capture this transition  of creativity into an actual shoot. So I got together with my friend and model, Lynnae and we did a whole shoot with this theme of transition in mind. I hope you enjoy!

IMG_6877IMG_7138IMG_7181IMG_7247IMG_7334IMG_7369 copyIMG_7433