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You may have heard that the Scot Woodman Photography Fan Page has reached over 1,300 likes this past week! In honor of such a huge number, I have decided to do a contest for all you fans! So here’s how it works!

The contest will be all day this Sunday and it will be an Easter Egg Hunt! I will be hiding 3 golden eggs at 3 different locations in and around Modesto. You find an egg, you win a free Portrait session/Family Portrait Session!

Here are the rules:

I will be giving clues as to where you can find each egg all day via Facebook and Twitter…..

…BUT **(AND THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT)** ┬áIf you follow me on Instagram, you will get photo hints and you will have the upper hand! So if you have an Instagram or know of someone who has one, make sure you follow me so you can get some extra clues to find the eggs faster!

When and if you find the egg, YOU MUST TAKE A PHOTO OF YOURSELF HOLDING THE EGG AT THE LOCATION YOU FOUND IT! You can post it on Facebook, twitter, or Instagram, but you when you do, you must tag me so I know you found it.

I will start posting clues early Sunday all the way until the early evening before sunset. So follow the clues and may the best easter egg hunter win!