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Hey everyone! We only are a few short hours away from finishing another year! Can you believe it?

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This year has literally been a whirlwind. I cannot remember another year where the months just flew off the calendar. There were so many times where I thought of days or events that I thought were just a weeks ago and in reality were months ago. But the reason why it was fast was because it was the busiest year I have ever had, both personally and for my business.

I did 29 weddings this year as well as countless portrait sessions, maternity sessions, newborns session, and everything in between. I’m not trying to brag when I tell you all this, but at the same time I am. I’m not trying to be boastful, I am just proud of my accomplishments. Almost 5 years ago when I quit my regular job and decided to throw myself 100% into this thing called photography. I had minor skills and lots of hopes and dreams. When I first started there were many moments where I thought to myself, “What the heck are you doing. You are crazy.” and honestly, I’d be lying if I still didn’t think the same thing from time to time. But God has blessed me so much over the past 5 years and this year has been the absolute best year so far. I accomplished so many of the things I have wanted and dreamed of.

1. I got to finally leave US shores and go to another country for the 1st time in my life. Not only that, but I got to go to a different country AND shoot a wedding there. Something that I put out there at the end of 2012 as something to accomplish by 2015 that became a reality just a few months later. Holy. Moly.


2. Shot the most weddings I’ve ever shot in one year. As I was meeting with couples in the early months of this year I never imagined it would grow to 29. I remember looking at the stack of contracts and thinking “What have I got myself into.” But by the time of my last wedding of the year in November, I looked back and realized, I didn’t just do it, but I did it well. I had the most compliments from my clients than I’ve ever had in past years. And on top of that, I worked with some of the sweetest and kindest clients I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I could not be more happy to be a part of all of their special days. It was truly an honor.

3. I got my own office. Not only, that, but my dream office. That is a HUGE accomplishment for me. I had imagined of having a space to meet clients and work from since I 1st started shooting in 2007. Never did I imagine I would find a space that would fit all my needs, be in a prime location, and incorporate all my design ideas.  I still walk into my office and just stand there in awe.  This is no longer a dream, but a reality. I still cannot believe it, I feel so blessed that words really don’t do it justice. I am just in awe of what God has provided me with.


Like I said, I am not try to brag whatsoever. I am just in awe of what God has provided me with this year. I asked him to guide me in the direction he wanted me to go and he took me for the wildest ride ever (He will do that when you trust him). He will take you and provide you with so much more than you could have ever hoped for. Maybe this year did suck for you. Maybe it was your worst year ever. But you know what, you are here. You are here with us. You made it through another 365 days on this swirling blue planet in space. Your heart is still beating, your lungs are still taking in breath, and you have people who love you and care about you. We are about to start a whole another 365 days and we don’t know what’s going to be in store. But that’s one of the cool things about it. We don’t know. 2014 could your best year ever! Plan that trip you’ve always wanted to take, plan those goals that you’ve dreamed of, plan to be extraordinary, plan it to be your best. Don’t be discouraged if everything doesn’t go as you planned (it rarely does), but at least you put those ideas out there and who knows, maybe they could become a reality this next year.

I want to wish you you all the happiest of New Years. Here’s to another year of  blessings beyond our hopes and dreams.



You may have heard that the Scot Woodman Photography Fan Page has reached over 1,300 likes this past week! In honor of such a huge number, I have decided to do a contest for all you fans! So here’s how it works!

The contest will be all day this Sunday and it will be an Easter Egg Hunt! I will be hiding 3 golden eggs at 3 different locations in and around Modesto. You find an egg, you win a free Portrait session/Family Portrait Session!

Here are the rules:

I will be giving clues as to where you can find each egg all day via Facebook and Twitter…..

…BUT **(AND THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT)**  If you follow me on Instagram, you will get photo hints and you will have the upper hand! So if you have an Instagram or know of someone who has one, make sure you follow me so you can get some extra clues to find the eggs faster!

When and if you find the egg, YOU MUST TAKE A PHOTO OF YOURSELF HOLDING THE EGG AT THE LOCATION YOU FOUND IT! You can post it on Facebook, twitter, or Instagram, but you when you do, you must tag me so I know you found it.

I will start posting clues early Sunday all the way until the early evening before sunset. So follow the clues and may the best easter egg hunter win!



Well here we are. We’re just hours away from the end of 2012. When we wake up tomorrow, it will be a new year and the start of a new adventure.

Here is the last photo I will have taken in 2012 and I found it extremely appropriate because of the wonderful joy and sense of transition it has.

2012 was the busiest year I’ve ever had. I had the pleasure to photograph families, seniors about to graduate, mommies, daddies, babies, couples getting married in the future, and almost 30 couples on the biggest day of their lives together, their wedding day. It has been a year of  new experiences, blessings, knowledge, growth, happiness, and love. As I look back on this year, I am overwhelmed with the amount of joy and laughs you have all brought me. I honestly have the most amazing job I could dream of and I wouldn’t have it any other way. If we worked together this year of 2012, thank you for allowing me to get to know you and allowing me into your lives. Your kinds words and love kept me going through the stress and craziness. If 2013 is half as good as this year, then I will be extremely lucky and blessed.

From the bottom of my heart,

Thank you.

See you next year.



Good evening Boils and Ghouls!

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, instagram, etc. you know how much I love Halloween. It is by far my favorite holiday and always has been since I was a little kid. I remember when my mom would have our annual Halloween party with all the neighbor kids and my friends. After the party, she would turn on “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” and she would make her infamous spider bread and spaghetti. After a quick dinner, we would get all dressed up in our costume and head out in the neighborhood and explore the various blocks with all their haunted houses and fill up our bags to the brim with candy. They are such great memories and I have carried the spirit of those days into adulthood. The days of trick or treating are long gone, but I still enjoy the season by having a Halloween party and decorating the yard at my parents house for the kids who come by to trick or treat.

This year I had planed on doing a Halloween series for all of you, but since I’m still working away on editing and doing Family portraits, I didn’t get to do all of my ideas. My inspiration was phobias and the one photo series I completed was “Ornithophobia” which is the fear of birds. I decided to make this specific photo series to be inspired by the Hitchcock film “The Birds”. Big thank you to my friend Lynnae for doing hair and makeup and for one of my assistants, Britta, for channeling Tippi Hedren!

I still dress up because honestly it’s the one day a year I can dress up, be nerdy, and have it not be awkward because everyone else is doing the same thing. This year I decided to dress up as Max from “Where the Wild Things Are”. I wore it to the Disneyland a few weeks ago when I went to the Halloween Party and and I wore it my party last weekend. I think it’s definitely one of my favorite costumes I’ve worn. I brought it with me to San Francisco on Sunday when I did a family portrait session because I knew I’d be shooting near this amazing little patch of trees and I told my assistant, Tanya, that she had to take my picture to complete it. It came out better than I ever could have imagined.

Here are a few of of my past Halloween costumes from the last couple of years.

A Ghostbuster (I made everything myself, even my ghostpack)

Flynn from Adventure Time

And one last item for all of you who celebrate Halloween! I always try and make some Halloween inspired cuisine for my annual party. This year decided to make “Spooky Black Risotto” and I wanna share the recipe with you all in case you wanna make something spooky before going out to Trick or Treat or attending a Halloween party.


“Spooky Black Risotto”

– 1 cup of Forbidden Rice (I found it at Winco in the the bulk bins)

– 1/2 cup of white rice

–  1 32 ounce box of Chicken Stock

– 1 white onion (chopped finely)

– 1/3 stick of butter

-4 cloves garlic minced

– 1/4 cup baby carrots (chopped)

– 1 package of baby bella mushrooms (chopped)

– 3/4 cup of white wine or sherry.

– 1 cup parmesan cheese

-2 tablespoons of Rosemary and Thyme

Chop up your onion, garlic, mushrooms and carrots and throw into your pot with your butter. Saute them for about 5 minutes on medium high heat. Add your forbidden rice, white rice, rosemary, thyme, salt, and pepper into the veggies and saute for another 5 minutes. Afterwards, add your chicken stock and sherry/white wine. Turn down your heat to medium low and let the rice mixture simmer, stirring every 5 minutes or so (this helps the risotto become creamier). When most of the liquid has been absorbed, add your parmesan cheese and stir it all toegther. Let the rice sit on low heat for another 5 minutes and then enjoy!

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween! Stay safe and eat lots and lots of candy!