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As many of you who follow me in Instagram know, I recently went to Oahu to photograph a wedding. I got there a couple days before the wedding to relax and enjoy paradise. I decided to reach out to some models on the island and see if they wanted to shoot. I got in contact with Nieshia and we hit off right away and started coming up with some ideas. We both decided we wanted to do our shoot in the rainforest since I had only been once before 3 years ago and she had never been. So we hiked (and I really do mean HIKED) through the steamy, muddy, mosquito filled rainforest to the stunning Monoa Falls. It was worth every drop of sweat and mosquito bite. We ended up getting some OUTSTANDING images at the falls and we even had a little audience of other hikers as we shot. Afterwards, we hiked back to our car and quickly drove to a beach to get some shots right as the sun was setting. Our timing was perfect and we managed to get the beach we had all ourselves. Here are the results of our shoot. Enjoy!0G8A92770G8A92890G8A93410G8A94280G8A93880G8A95580G8A96050G8A96740G8A97390G8A97880G8A99340G8A99770G8A01540G8A02080G8A04670G8A03170G8A03150G8A03440G8A0526


With all this beautiful weather and the time change, I felt it totally appropriate to post this family portrait session I did for the James Family a little while back in Santa Cruz. Here in California, most of the state doesn’t really get to experience true winter weather. We are luckily enough to have sunny weather and beautiful golden light almost all year round. So when Katie asked me to come to Santa Cruz and take some portraits of her adorable family at the beach, I really had no choice. I love how the James family’s fun and carefree attitude was captured in these portraits. Enjoy!

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Well it’s officially a New Year! I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off a new year with a newborn blog post! I had the opportunity to photograph Baby Henry, who entered the world this past November. Chelsea (Henry’s mom) has an AMAZING blog that I’ve been following for the past year & she does a TON of awesome DIY projects and has an superb eye for style. So naturally, Chelsea and husband Ryan’s home is an immaculately designed home that was a perfect backdrop for Henry’s 1st portraits. (FYI: Henry’s nursery is adorable). Photographing these 3, but especially Henry was an absolute pleasure and I was so honored to come into their home and photograph this special time for these new parents and their son. Enjoy!

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Last month, I got asked by one of my 2014 brides, Jessica,  if I wanted to take photos of her and her best friends in their wedding dresses. They all got married this past year and wanted to put on their dresses one more time and take some photos together. While I had never gotten the request before, I was so excited at the idea that I said yes without any hesitation. So the girls laced up their dresses one last time and we drove out to Diablo Grande and took some photos during Golden Hour. The girls weren’t concerned about keeping their dresses clean and pristine anymore, so it allowed us all to have a lot of fun and do really whatever we wanted. Enjoy!


I am always so honored when clients become regulars over here at Scot Woodman Photography. Not only do I get to build a friendship but I also get to see families grow and change. Over the past year, I got to photograph Jessica while she was pregnant with Avery, I got to photograph Avery when she was only a week old, again at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and now for her very 1st birthday! It’s been amazing seeing her not even able to hold up her own head to know crawling and standing up all on her own. Looking through all the photos from the past year have really made my heart smile and I hope these adorable photos make your heart smile too. Enjoy!


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