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So as you know, I LOVE Armour Sans Angish. I was super excited when Tawny called me in September saying that for the 1st time in a year (since she has been insanely busy completing bridal order), she had time to create another ready to wear collection for the holidays. We decided to do 2 separate shoots with 2 separate themes. The 1st was inspired by floral colors, the greek muses, and preparation for the changing of summer to fall. Muted pastels and romantic silhouettes against the stark coldness of stone buildings in the background. All of the designs can be purchased HERE at the Armour Sans Anguish Etsy store. Makeup/Hair by Kristin Noelle Makeup & Hair Artistry


The 2nd shot we did was very different. It was more inspired by the autumnal equinox. The bright colors of summer fading to earth tones, turning to black. The collection was inspired by all things dark, twisty, and witchy (which was very appropriate since we shot 3 days before Halloween). All of the designs can be purchased HERE at the Armour Sans Anguish Etsy store. Makeup/Hair by Kristin Noelle Makeup & Hair Artistry

I can’t believe it’s already August. To think that this wedding was almost 2 months ago is absolutely stunning to me. Anways, let’s think back to June 16th, 2012: It’s a toasty 108 degrees outside, I’m in Stockton arriving at the beautiful University Plaza Waterfront Hotel (which thankfully had the air conditioning BLASTING), and it’s Destiny and Gilbert’s wedding day. The day had a lot of great moments: the moment  during the 1st reveal when Destiny got teary eyed when she heard her son say “Mommy you look like a princess!” as he ran up to her, when Destiny and Gilbert finally said their “I Do’s”, and the time during the reception where we got to sneak off and photograph the couple against the amazing sherbet pink sky. It was great day (despite the heat) and I wanna thank Destiny and Gilbert for letting me be a part of it. And a HUGE HUGE HUGE Thank you to Kamica and Sybil over at Heirloom Events for making the entire day go INCREDIBLY smooth, if you need a wedding or event planner, call these ladies! They will get the job done and then some!

As some of you may know, when I 1st started doing photography, I was trying to break into the modeling industry. During this time, I got to work with some really cool people including Kristin Cipponeri. We have been working together on numerous projects for about 3 years, including a memorable shoot with some of the past contestants of America’s Next Top Model:)We both have moved on from that industry (not completely, sometimes we do something for fun) and we have moved into the wonderful wedding industry. Her creative hair and makeup work has made countless brides and bridal parties so incredibly happy and looking fabulous on their special day. She is the person to go to for your hair and makeup even if you dont go with me as your photographer too, but for all of you that have booked me (or will be booking me), Kristin is offering a really cool deal for all of my brides. She is offering a Wedding Hair & Makeup consultation were you can try out looks for your big day…FOR FREE. Yep, free.

Wanna see some of her work? Check out some before and after pictures below of some beautiful women!

And here are some the projects and real brides we both worked with.



One things I love about the wedding industry is all of the cool vendors I meet and work with. One of the vendors that I absolutely adore is Armour Sans Anguish. They create the most amazing designs and in the last couple of years they started making bridesmaid and wedding dresses. Tawny is the amazing designer behind Armour Sans Anguish and I am absoutely honored to not only know her, but to call her my friend. We have done lots of shoots together over the past couple of years. Here are some of projects we did together last summer:

ASA Summer collection 2011

ASA Native American collection Summer 2011

ASA India inspired collection Spring 2011


It’s been so wonderful seeing Tawny go from making dresses in her living room by herself to now having a beautiful studio in Oakland working with her lovely assistants Morgan,Lily, and Emily. I visited her lovely new workspace yesterday and it was just like what I imagined. Amongst the warehouses off Market street in Oakland there is a magical sunbathed room full of Armour Sans Anguish designs hanging on racks. It’s such a beautiful spot and perfect for Tawny and her team. They are currently hard at work filling all the orders that have been pouring in.But they were kind enough to let me stop by and hang out, while they worked away.

To stay up to date with all things Armour Sans Anguish please go “like” their Facebook page!

To place an order or buy some some lovely Armour Sans Anguish designs visit their Etsy!