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Hey everyone! I’ve been meaning to blog this wedding for a while. David and Elinor are such a sweet couple. They’re love story was so unique and they were so excited to finally tie the knot. The phrase “neither rain or shine” quickly became the literal theme for the day when a giant storm started to roll in. But it didn’t matter to them. They were just so excited to get married and start their new journey together. Despite some last minute chaos that happens when you have all outdoor and a huge storm rolls in, they made a few quick minute adjustments and the day went on as planned. Their attitudes were so humbling to witness. Their excitement and joy were not dimmed by the circumstances. They were just so happy to finally take this step together with all their friends and family around them. Then after the ceremony was over and people started gathering down at the barn for the reception, the most STUNNING and VIBRANT autumn sky appeared. I quickly ran over to Elinor and David and told them they had to come with me. We all piled in my car and quickly drove up to the ridgeline that they originally were going to have their ceremony and got to take some amazing portraits. I truly believe it was a reward from above for their amazing attitude despite the circumstances. It was just a humbling experience and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it and capture such important moments for these two. The results of the day are below. Enjoy!





Hey everyone!

I’ve been excited to blog this wedding. Matt and Maria have been at a lot of the weddings I’ve shot over the past year. Over that time, I have photographed them dance many times with all their friends at their weddings. I was so thrilled when earlier this year they asked me to be their photographer and capture them dance together at their own wedding. So on a warm August afternoon, Matt, Maria, all their family and their guests gathered at Calvin Crest family camp up in the mountains near Bass Lake and got married. Their attitude throughout the whole day was so amazing. As you’ll see, they could not stop smiling all day long and that made everyone else smile. It was such an awesome day filled with pine scented air, happy tears, and lots and lots of laughs. Enjoy!



A couple months ago, I had the pleasure of going to the beautiful island of Oahu. While I did get to relax and soak up the Hawaiian sun (a little too much actually), I traveled there to photograph the wedding of Nikki and Rickie. Nikki found my work when I she saw the photos of Jennifer and Daniel’s Australian wedding and she called me up and told me how she loved the moments I captured and told me she’d be thrilled to have me as her photographer. So in June, a took a flight over to the Hawaii and then drove up to the North Shore of Oahu to capture their special day. As soon as I met her at the venue, I knew she was awesome because one of the first things she did was compliment my pokemon stickers on my laptop and told me how much Rickie loved pokemon too. I knew I had hit the jackpot as far as clients go. I wasn’t wrong, the entire day went so amazing and we got along so well. Nikki and Rickie let me steal them away so many times to get some awesome portraits around the stunning venue and Nikki and Rickie’s ceremony was so genuine and emotion filled. I’ve been waiting to share these images with you for so long and I’m glad that moment is finally here. Enjoy!


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I met Bianca during a fashion show in Modesto in 2014. She makes beautiful swimwear/dancewear and I collaborated with her during the fashion show by adding my flower crowns with her deisgns. Afterwards, we talked a lot and she became a regular customer of my flower crowns. One day in October 2015, she called me and told me she and Max were going to go down to City Hall in San Diego to elope. They wanted me to come down and photograph the special day for them and I was more than honored to do so! So a couple days later, I hoped on a early flight and met Bianca, Max, and Bianca’s family at City Hall in downtown San Diego and photographed them officially becoming husband and wife! It should be known, Bianca made her dress from scratch the night before the wedding (yes you read that right). It was an quick and intimate ceremony and they were so happy to finally tie the knot. After the ceremony, everyone traveled over to Balboa Park to have a picnic reception. They spread out a blanket on the grass, unpacked a plethora of goodies, and cheered to their new marriage. There was tears of joy, guitar playing, well wishes, and laughter throughout the afternoon. Their joy was contagious and so many people passing by commented on how beauitful Bianca and Max looked and how happy they were for them. I was so honored to be there for Max and Bianca on such a special day and I hope you enjoy these images as much as I has documenting such a special day for a couple that’s beautiful inside and out. Enjoy!IMG_6764IMG_6787IMG_6765IMG_6760IMG_6802IMG_6816IMG_6836IMG_6856IMG_6860IMG_6876IMG_6904IMG_6905IMG_6945IMG_6963IMG_6965IMG_7059IMG_7098IMG_7142IMG_7176IMG_7238IMG_7242IMG_7258IMG_7299IMG_7320IMG_7384IMG_7402IMG_7475IMG_7484IMG_7503IMG_7528IMG_7536IMG_7555IMG_7575IMG_7578IMG_7591IMG_7599IMG_7634IMG_7667IMG_7690IMG_7701IMG_7740IMG_7814IMG_7821IMG_7846IMG_7850IMG_7862IMG_7877IMG_7912IMG_7951IMG_7968IMG_8023IMG_8059IMG_8127IMG_8207IMG_8361IMG_8405IMG_8507IMG_8603IMG_8686 copy 2

Almost everyone I see or talk to has been asking, “When are you going to post photos from Australia?” Well everyone, the wait is over and I finally have edited my photos from my trip to Australia! First up on the blog is wedding I shot in Port Douglas, AKA the whole reason I got to go to Australia. Jennifer is an old friend from the days when I used to work as a janitor at a Supermarket. We have since moved FAR away from retail jobs and pursued our dreams. Jennifer left and became a world travel. During her world travels, she met a guy named Daniel who lived in Australia. They started dating, then Daniel proposed while on a visit to the states. Before long, Jennifer moved all the way from California to Victoria, Australia. She then started planning her dream wedding which would take place in the tiny town of Port Douglas in Queensland, Australia. She then emailed me and asked me to photograph her wedding because, in her words, she “could not imagine anyone else photographing her wedding.” I don’t think I ever responded to an email faster in my ENTIRE life and agreed to do a wedding. So in April of this year, I boarded a plane at LAX and made the long 20 hour flight to Port Douglas. When I got off the plane, I was too struck by the beauty of Queensland to really realize how tired I felt. EVERYWHERE I looked, I kept thinking, ” I wanna shoot there.” I was lucky enough to end up at some of these spots on Daniel and Jennifer’s wedding day. Since it was a small intimate wedding, I got a TON of time to photograph them in so many of these amazing spots all around Port Douglas and the coast of Queensland. This wedding was such an amazing honor to be a part of and I feel so privileged to have visited such a beautiful city in such stunning country. There are going to be more photos of my “vacation” portion, but for now please take a look at just a few of these amazing wedding photos. Enjoy!


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