With all this beautiful weather and the time change, I felt it totally appropriate to post this family portrait session I did for the James Family a little while back in Santa Cruz. Here in California, most of the state doesn’t really get to experience true winter weather. We are luckily enough to have sunny weather and beautiful golden light almost all year round. So when Katie asked me to come to Santa Cruz and take some portraits of her adorable family at the beach, I really had no choice. I love how the James family’s fun and carefree attitude was captured in these portraits. Enjoy!

IMG_6295IMG_6302IMG_6362IMG_6403IMG_6410IMG_6427IMG_6486IMG_6563IMG_6572IMG_6617IMG_6625IMG_6704IMG_6766IMG_6859IMG_6925 copyIMG_6970IMG_7061IMG_7080 copyIMG_7115IMG_7132 copyIMG_7187IMG_7192IMG_7231IMG_7317IMG_7407 copy




It’s 11pm February 19th, 2015, I’m getting ready to go to turn in for the night and I get a text from Geoff letting me know things are speeding up and it’s probably best I head to the hospital. I quickly change out of my pajamas into some sweatpants and a sweatshirt and head over to Memorial Hospital. It’s time for Baby Aria to enter this world!

This was the 1st live birth where I got to be in room and photograph and it was a truly life changing experience. Birth is such a fascinating process and being allowed to be in the room and document such a special moment in new parents Geoff and Hilary was an honor. Hilary was so relaxed the entire time. If she wasn’t laying in a hospital bed, I’d assume she was just sitting on her couch at home. Her and Geoff were smiling and talking about how excited they were to meet their baby girl. But birth is a waiting game, A LONG waiting game. We all did a lot of chatting, pacing, and even a little but of napping during the night. Around 5am the nurse came in, checked Hilary, and told us she was going to call the doctor because it was time! Hilary pushed for about 5o minutes, the doctor came in and Hilary did 4 big pushes and Baby Aria entered the world! It was such an emotional experience. I wasn’t sure if I would cry but when I caught Geoff crying after seeing his baby girl for the 1st time, all bets were off and I shed a few happy tears. I was so honored to be there for this special moment and so glad they’ll have these images to remember that special morning:)Enjoy!

IMG_1107IMG_1119IMG_1129 copyIMG_1177IMG_1223IMG_1242IMG_1261IMG_1293IMG_1297IMG_1330IMG_1340IMG_1365IMG_1371IMG_1381IMG_1417IMG_1445IMG_1468IMG_1488IMG_1553IMG_1564 copy 2IMG_1577IMG_1581 copyIMG_1610IMG_1616IMG_1642IMG_1658IMG_1680IMG_1729IMG_1780IMG_1809IMG_1834IMG_1889 copyIMG_1955IMG_1965IMG_1992IMG_2033IMG_2139IMG_2181IMG_2276IMG_2284IMG_2494


Hey everyone!

I’ve been waiting a long time to post this wedding! It was recently featured on Style Me Pretty (a well known wedding blog that if you don’t already know about, you should definitely check out) and I had to wait until the feature came out to post the photos. Lauren and David’s wedding was such a fun wedding to shoot. Lauren handmade all table runners, ceramics, and vases you see.  Lauren also had an amazing team of friends and vendors to create all the other details that made their wedding absolutely dreamy. This wedding was intimate, relaxed, and set at one of the most beautiful venues I’ve shot at  in recent years (Sandrock Farms). HUGE thank you to my 2nd shooter, Nicole, for being the perfect partner for the day. Enjoy!


IMG_1566IMG_6850 copy 2IMG_1600IMG_1628IMG_1631IMG_1699IMG_6814IMG_6835IMG_1729IMG_1756 copy 2IMG_1775IMG_6889 copy 2IMG_6901 copy 2IMG_1822IMG_1866IMG_2352IMG_2379IMG_6983IMG_6992IMG_6851 copy 2IMG_7061IMG_7092IMG_7174IMG_7254_MG_9196 copy 23G2A0112IMG_2309IMG_2087IMG_2118IMG_2162 copy 2IMG_2218IMG_2244IMG_2292IMG_2343IMG_2469IMG_2470IMG_2477IMG_2482IMG_7281IMG_7291IMG_7312IMG_7347IMG_7353IMG_7363IMG_7419IMG_7477 copy 2IMG_2501IMG_2521IMG_2531IMG_7629 copy 2IMG_7645IMG_7660IMG_7670IMG_76773G2A0487 copy 2IMG_6864IMG_1581 copy 2IMG_1686 copy 2IMG_7699 copy 2IMG_2618 copy 2IMG_2633 copy 2IMG_2663 copy 2IMG_7590 copy 2IMG_7615IMG_7584IMG_7715 copy 2IMG_7739IMG_7857IMG_7935IMG_8023IMG_8142 copy 23G2A0835IMG_8244IMG_8281IMG_8311IMG_8338IMG_8416IMG_8417 copy 23G2A0874IMG_8410IMG_2666IMG_2693


Well it’s officially a New Year! I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off a new year with a newborn blog post! I had the opportunity to photograph Baby Henry, who entered the world this past November. Chelsea (Henry’s mom) has an AMAZING blog that I’ve been following for the past year & she does a TON of awesome DIY projects and has an superb eye for style. So naturally, Chelsea and husband Ryan’s home is an immaculately designed home that was a perfect backdrop for Henry’s 1st portraits. (FYI: Henry’s nursery is adorable). Photographing these 3, but especially Henry was an absolute pleasure and I was so honored to come into their home and photograph this special time for these new parents and their son. Enjoy!

IMG_6465 copy 2IMG_6285IMG_6321IMG_6358IMG_6313IMG_6437IMG_6382IMG_6454IMG_6457IMG_6483IMG_6520IMG_6526IMG_6559IMG_6578IMG_6607IMG_6637IMG_6682IMG_6727IMG_6748IMG_6758IMG_6778IMG_6792IMG_6804IMG_6809IMG_6843IMG_6869IMG_6889IMG_6923IMG_6939IMG_6961IMG_6980IMG_7057IMG_7082IMG_7059IMG_7113IMG_7191IMG_7195 copy


I’ve had the pleasure of photographing quite a few Assyrian weddings over the last couple of years. I love photographing them because of the energy that surrounds the day. It is a day of pure joy and celebration. Every wedding that happens, the Assyrian community comes together to celebrate the union of not only the couple, but the joining of 2 families. Their joy and excitement is absolutely contagious and makes every moment of the day seem so special for not only the bride and groom, but for everyone at the wedding. I was so honored to photograph Michael and Mary’s wedding this past October. They are not only a STUNNING couple on the outside, but truly some of the sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this year. They allowed me so much time to photograph them throughout the day, so we really created some spectacular images. Enjoy just a few of the highlights from their special day!

IMG_3031IMG_3046IMG_3072IMG_3080 copy 2IMG_3108 copy 2IMG_3113IMG_2685IMG_2719IMG_2823IMG_2954IMG_3011 copy copy 2IMG_3033 copyIMG_3121IMG_3140IMG_3152IMG_3155IMG_3163IMG_3186IMG_3194IMG_3198IMG_3220IMG_3234IMG_3254IMG_3336IMG_3399IMG_3434IMG_3460IMG_3467IMG_3539IMG_3127IMG_3533IMG_3589IMG_3603IMG_3629IMG_3733IMG_3738IMG_3744IMG_3784IMG_3837IMG_3855IMG_3865IMG_3879IMG_3923IMG_3957IMG_3976IMG_4212 copy 2IMG_4297 copyIMG_4267IMG_4404IMG_4151IMG_4461IMG_4513IMG_4553IMG_4579 copy 2IMG_4620IMG_4693IMG_4715IMG_4753IMG_4823IMG_4831IMG_4886IMG_4903IMG_4933IMG_5047IMG_5063IMG_5075IMG_5104IMG_5275IMG_5369IMG_5351 copyIMG_5398IMG_5417IMG_5451 copyIMG_5516IMG_5529IMG_5571IMG_5593IMG_4940 copy 2IMG_5665IMG_5732IMG_5401 copyIMG_5745 copyIMG_5647IMG_5637