The Breath Project Photo Series

When I posted my last blog explaining Amanda and her situation, I wanted the blog to be shared so people could not only participate in this photo project but also be aware of the Amanda’s situation. But I had no idea that people would be so generous. People I knew, people I had never met, people of all walks of life came out and decided to support this project. Not only did they come out and be involved in the photo series, but they were beyond generous and gave more than I could have ever hoped for. In just 2 days, The Breath Project brought in over $800! I am absolutely floored and astounded by all of generosity and kindness. This project meant so much to me and to see such a positive response. Not only did you come out and give, a lot of people who came and people who commented on the blog, told me their stories about their loved one and friends who also suffer with Cystic Fibrosis. All of your kindness as well as all of these stories touched my heart deeply. I am just about speechless. Words cannot begin express my gratitude to all of you that helped by getting your portrait taken or by praying. Because of your hard work and prayers Amanda and Matthew now can rest a little easier during these hard times.

Matthew (Amanda’s Husband) contacted me the other day and informed me that Amanda is now at the top of the list for her Lung transplant. She only has one person ahead of her, so the surgery will happen very soon. So all of your continued prayers and well wishes would be greatly appreciated. She’s about to start her long journey towards a new life.

Again everyone. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!

Now here are all the portraits! If you got your photo taken you can download your full size photos HERE


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